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Award-winning logistices services.Powered by technology,delivered by exprets.

Businesses are leaving money on the table every day due to missed supply chain opportunities. Zencargo unlocks your potential with digital freight forwarding that drives cost savings and revenue improvements for your business.

Supply Chain as a Service

Supercharge your supply chain

We work with you to maximise end-to-end supply chain value. Transform the way you meet demand with live SKU data, real-time performance insights and expert freight execution.

Freight Forwarding

Your Expert Logistics Partners

We partner with your business to go beyond traditional freight forwarding. Our logistics experts work as an extension of your team to manage every step of your supply chain, to ensure you always have the products you need, on-time and in-full.

Intake Planning

Track, Measure & Optimise Your Performance

Unlock the data behind your supply chain and make better decisions with our live platform. We use machine learning technology to deliver actionable insights, predict exceptions and improve performance across your network.

Time to Value

Instant Results For Your Business

We’re accountable to you, with full transparency across pricing, insights and execution. Getting started is easy, with instant integration and team training to create value quickly and lay the foundations for long term success.term success.to create value quickly and lay the foundations for long term success.

Success Story

"Working with Zencargo has directly increased our product margin. Their insightful advice has helped us continuously optimise and execute cost savings across our network."

Dom Moulding

Logistics Manager, Swoon

Transform your supply chain performance

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